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  1. Jane Says:

    House of Paint!

    I have been a painter for around 25 years…you ask why aren’t be better?

    Because I don’t do it consistantly… I started out in oil…and in 1996 moved to watercolor like a duck to water…and have only done a handful of oils since..I have almost forgotten how to paint in oils… Writing for the past two years has put a wrench in the painting, but I go back to it from time to time…..I have had awards, clients in Europe, Saudi Arabia, here in the states, and don’t ever keep track where and who buys the paintings, but I do have ones that I won’t sell because they are ‘special cases’….I am really a sculptor, but that is hard on the hands because I use hand tools…not power…I like alabaster and wood to carve….alabaster is messy …

    The Birds of Prey series started in 1995 and the landscapes around 2000.
    I have trained myself, but started to go to classes at Edinburgh, but it was fall, and not raining and the Scottish countryside was beckoning….and as soon as I got outside and set up around Urquhart Castle, ..it poured. Oils in rain are ok, but I wanted to watercolor.

    I love watercolor the most….and I combine wc with sandpaper for atmospherics….and lots of other bleeding/blooming techniques, like salt, etc…spit….etc.

    Hope you like these..I have about 60?? framed in the house, no more walls to put them up and about 200 unframed.

    Jane Kohut-Bartels

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